Hotel Near the Misano World Circuit.

A Champ’s Day
Just a few km away is the Misano World Circuit. Paint your vacation RED and get your adrenalin pumping: inside the facility you will find: the Guidare Pilotare driving school run by Sigfried Sthor, Supermotard area, a Kart track, and the fun Speed Drive cars so you can be a “race car driver for a day".

For the boldest, the circuit also offers the chance for 4226m trial races on the same track that number one where champions the likes Valentino Rossi and Marco Simoncelli trained. The Misano Word Circuit calendar offers a succession of dates for the entire season: sports events and shows that will thrill all of the motor enthusiasts. The area, completely wired and artificially lit, can hold 75 thousand visitors, with 26 thousand seats in the stands. Inside the circuit there is also a restaurant on the pool for lunch and dinner service, as well as a bar. The hotel is just a few minutes away, a convenient and practical starting point for a Champ's Day.

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